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Une Île Pluvieuse

Une Île Pluvieuse


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The sea is the place where a fisherman earns his living, a rippling field where, instead of waving heads of rice or wheat, the white and formless harvest of waves is forever swaying above the unrelieved blueness of a sensitive and shifting soil.

Inspired by Yukio Mishima’s 1950s novella The Sound of Waves (Shiosai), Une Île Pluvieuse conveys the mystique of a lovers’ tryst down a pathway drenched in rain, veiled in mist, scented by the sea spray, and bejeweled by the forest flora, on a faraway island in Japan.

Top Notes grapefruit, pollen, violet leaf absolute & rain

Heart Notes peony, lilac & mimosa absolute

Base Notes ambergris, vetiver, calamus, patchouli, Japanese cedar & oakmoss absolute

NATURAL SPRAY 50 ml 1.7 fl. oz.

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