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1 幸いなるかな
2 ある晴れた日に (Senyokô 「Madama Butterfly II」香水CM曲)
3 何を残して
4 あたたかな日
5 Ko-Ya
6 Satelna
7 Daydream

Wandering through a forest of voices, layered upon each other, surrendering oneself to the surging sea of strings, the madness leads us to a destination both poignant and nostalgically foreign.

This is the third solo work of Nahoko Kakiage, who, since the Eccentric Opera era, has mastered the use of intense and elegant female multi-track recording. This time, thick choral works reminiscent of Arvo Pärt, Gregorian chants, Buddhist chants, and Bulgarian voices form the core, with every song employing grandiose strings, possessing a classical depth akin to Barber's 'Adagio for Strings'. In the rhythm tracks, dark electro elements akin to Portishead and Arca are also blended, showcasing a heretical boldness. The exquisite Japanese lyrics evoke the feel of a black-and-white movie with Japanese subtitles or a sci-fi journey, transporting you to a foreign land.

Introduction by OTOMO YOSHINORI

* Track 2 is a PEPR project work

CD Made in Japan


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